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Nicola Tirelli

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Nicola Tirelli earned a master’s degree in chemistry from the University of Pisa, where she obtained a doctorate in industrial chemistry. He worked at the Polytechnic University (ETH) of Zurich for eight years first as a guest student, then as a postdoc and finally Oberassistent (researcher), then moved (2003) to the University of Manchester, where as Senior Lecturer and then Professor (2005) was a member of the Schools of Pharmacy and Materials Science, leading the NorthWest Center for Advanceed Drug Delivery and the Center for Doctoral Training in Regenerative Medicine in recent years. Since 2017 Nicola Tirelli has been part of the Italian Institute of Technology, where he leads the Polymers and Biomaterials Laboratory in the Genoa office.


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Protein conjugation with ROS-scavenging polymers

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