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Alessandro Beduini is a PhD student in Industrial Chemistry at the University of Milan, where he is leading a research project on the development of bioinspired polymeric flame retardants. His passion for polymer science and in particular for polymer degradation and stability began during the development of his bachelor's degree thesis, in which he tackled for the first time the study of flame retardants based on polyamidoamines, degradable and biocompatible polymers used in various fields of polymer chemistry. He decided to pursue this research line in his Master's thesis, approaching the synthetic strategy of copolymerization to obtain efficient flame retardants for cotton fabrics, that he learnt to characterize in terms of structural and thermal properties, and combustion behavior. Despite his young age, his commitment has led him to win different awards. As a Master student, he was awarded the best oral presentation prize in his category by the “Macrogiovani 2019” congress, organized by the Italian Polymer Federation. In 2020, his master's thesis was awarded the "Marinella Ferrari Degree Award" by the Rotary Club Milano Fiera and the "Best Master's Degree Thesis in the field of Industrial Chemistry" by the Italian Chemical Society. In recent years, he gained experience in the synthesis of polymers, casting of coatings, spectroscopic characterization of polymers (NMR, FT-IR, Raman), thermal characterization, TG-IR tests, combustion tests, and morphological characterization (SEM) of polymers.


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Homo- and copolymeric polyamidoamines as flame retadants

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