Fabrice Mathevet

Fabrice Mathevet

Who I am

Fabrice Mathevet is CNRS Research Director at Paris Institute of Molecular Chemistry (IPCM) of Sorbonne University (Paris). He works in the team of Polymer Chemistry and his multidisciplinary research activities are centered on chemical engineering approaches for the design and preparation of novel organic semiconducting macro(molecular) materials for photonics and electronics. At the interface of chemistry, materials science, and physics, his research activities involve organic and polymer synthesis with controlled architectures, surface chemistry, nano-patterning, self-assembly, material characterizations and optoelectronic device fabrication. The goals are to further the understanding of the structure/properties relationships of materials developed in the group. Since 2020, he is also researcher at the Center for Organic Photonics and Electronics Research (OPERA) of Kyushu University (Japan) and since 2023, he is co-director of the CNRS International Research Project ‘LUXERIT’ between CNRS and OPERA laboratory.


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Donor-acceptor semiconducting macromolecular architectures for optoelectronic applications

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