Daniel Portinha

Daniel Portinha

Who I am

Daniel Portinha serves as Maître de conférences at the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon (INSA), Lyon (F). Daniel Portinha's research activities focus on different aspects of polymer chemistry: • macromolecular synthesis (radical polymerization, ring opening of lactones and organosiloxanes) and/or chemical modification of synthetic polymers (Michael addition, nucleophilic substitution) capable of developing supramolecular interactions (homo or heterocomplementary) which can be assembled on surface (to produce multilayer films) or in bulk to prepare materials with unique properties (self-healing or elongation of elastomers, etc.); • the development of synthetic strategies respecting the principles of sustainable development to: a) prepare biobased, possibly biodegradable function polymers and/or structural polymers, or to b) enable their reuse (reversible covalent chemistry) or recycling. Recently, he joined the team in charge of polycondensation pilots, which can prepare, for example, up to 2.5 kg of polyester/synthesis.


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Chemical strategies to favor repairing, redesigning and recycling silicone-based materials

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