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Sami Halila

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Sami HALILA Sami HALILA is a CNRS researcher in Glycochemistry in the Group of “Self- Assembly of Glycopolymers” at CERMAV, a CNRS Laboratory @Grenoble Alpes University. S. Halila completed in 2001 his PhD at the University of Picardie Jules Vernes, Amiens (France) in Carbohydrate Chemistry, followed by Postdoctoral positions at ENSC Rennes, Ghent University and CERMAV (Grenoble, France). In 2006, he was hired at CERMAV-CNRS at Hugues Driguez’s team (Team “Chemistry and Biology of Oligosaccharides”) to develop carbohydratebased substrates or inhibitors of glycoside-hydrolases involved in diseases. In 2014, he moved to the Glycopolymer Self-Assembly group where the main topic was related to the synthesis and self-assembly of “sweet” amphiphilic diblock copolymers in solution (glyconanoparticles for drug delivery) or in thin-films (Nanostructured glycofilms for (bio)nanoelectronics). Currently, his work is focusing on the synthesis and self-assembly of carbohydrate-based amphiphile systems and their applications in various fields of glycosciences including nanoparticles, supramolecular gels, antiadhesive therapy and biosensors. He coordinated various national and international projects (ANR, Carnot, Labex, Brazil, China,…) and is the author of more than 60 publications and 7 patents – Recently, S. Halila has received the prestigious international “The cosmetic Victories” academic award for his work on the ecofriendly development of a carbohydrate-based organogelator, “Carbogel”.


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Synthesis, self-assembly and applications of glyco-amphiphiles

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