What's new this year: the MIPOL YOUNG symposium!

4 months ago

Why a symposium dedicated to Young Scientists?

What's new this year: the MIPOL YOUNG symposium!

We are pleased to announce the inaugural Milan Polymer Days Young Scientists Symposium organized for graduate students, post-docs, young professional and other scientists with comparable levels of experience and education aged 32 or less.

In MIPOL2024, we plan to give large room to Young Researchers. On the 2nd congress day - June 6th -, a rich afternoon program is being organized to satisfy the requests of participation of our young colleagues, who are just starting their career. The spirit of this symposium will be to provide Young Scientists with a friendly and intellectually stimulating environment of peers where to present and discuss their research as well as stablishing future collaborations and networks in a group of people who will represent the future of polymer science. The symposium will give them the challenging opportunity to get feedback of the research work they are dealing with, and to measure their strength in an international field. Throughout the symposium all main topics covered in the sessions dedicated to senior scientists will be considered. All MIPOL2024 participant are invited to attend this mini-event and contribute to the discussion.

Two full sessions dedicated to short oral communications of 15 minutes, including 2-3 minutes discussion, will give Young Scientists a unique opportunity to interact with an international audience.

Networking activities will be encouraged, and information will be disseminated on scholarships and training programs, internships, and much more. The best oral communication by Young Scientists will be awarded with a special prize by an international jury made of 5 renowned polymer scientists. The winner of the best oral presentation given in the MIPOL Young symposium will be announced and celebrated at the end of the congress.

Introducing the chairs of the MIPOL Young symposium! The chairs of the MIPOL Young symposium are two smart members of the Advisory Board of the Milan Polymer Days:

Dr. Stefano Gazzotti, University of Milan, Department of Chemistry; Assistant Professor of industrial chemistry with expertise in polymer synthesis. Dr. Ermelinda Falletta, University of Milan, Department of Chemistry; Assistant Professor of industrial chemistry with expertise in water depollution.

These two chairs will have the task of selecting the abstract presented by Young Scientists applying for an oral presentation. They will also chair the sessions of the MIPOL Young symposium, together with other international experts, livening up the discussion. Finally, they will coordinate the activity of the international jury for the selection of the best oral presenter. The winner of the selection will receive a certificate and a cash prize.

How to apply?

We invite junior scientists to submit abstracts describing novel experimental approaches and technologies. Abstracts can be submitted by email to mipol@unimi.it. Check the webpage Call for abstracts website for more information.

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