What are the most common uses of plastics?

Plastics can be used for the most varied applications.

What are the most common uses of plastics?

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These can be divided into nine main sectors: packaging, building and construction, automative, electrical and electronics, household and sports, agriculture and miscellaneous uses. These sectors include many items, as listed below.

Packaging: bottles for carbonated drinks, bottles of detergents, cosmetics, microwave containers, all kinds of containers.

Building & Construction: cable protection, water pipes, insulating panels, roofs, walls, flooring.

Automative: tires, seats, child safety seats, airbags in automobiles, valves, liners, cables.

Electrical & Electronics: cable coatings, cell phones, televisions, computers and other electronic equipment.

Household & Sports: bicycle helmets, sky, balls, nets, poles for pole vaults, sportswear.

Agriculture: films for crop protection, cables for irrigation, boxes, handling and transport, lightweight glazing in greenhouses.

Others: biomedical, fibers, adhesives.

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