Milan Polymer Days 2022

2 years ago

The 6th edition of the Milan Polymer Days congress, MIPOL2022, took place from 19 to 21 June 2022 at the Auditorium of the University of Milan. MIPOL2022 has been organized by the Department of Chemistry under the auspices of the Italian Chemical Society, the National Consortium for Materials Science and Technology and the University of Milan.

Milan Polymer Days 2022

The congresses of the Milan Polymer Days are open to contributions in all sectors of polymer science and technology. This year the Scientific Committee has accepted scientific communications in the following fields:

  • Bioactive polymers, nanomedicine
  • Chiral polymers
  • Crystallization of polymers
  • Molecular modeling of biopolymers
  • Nanocomposites
  • Polymer and the environment: green chemistry, synthesis of polymers from renewable sources; microplastics
  • Polymeric biomaterials
  • Polymers in nanomedicine
  • Polymeric flame retardants
  • Polymer processing
  • Synthesis of complex macromolecular architectures

After two years of pandemic restrictions and two virtual MIPOL editions, it was finally possible to conduct the MIPOL2022 congress in a hybrid form. All oral sessions have been indeed held in presence but could also be followed in live streaming. Moreover, the poster session was conducted remotely via the MS-TEAMS platform. In this way, participants who tested positive for the COVID-19 infection were also able to participate in the congress. As in previous editions, several sponsors helped to make MIPOL2022 a reality.

Around 100 attendees from 10 nations participated in the event, including, in addition to Italy, France, Germany, Greece, India, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the United States of America. That many attendees from many different countries joined us in this exciting experience proved how attractive is the research in polymer science and technology. The congress totalized 36 oral scientific presentations, of which 4 keynotes, 14 invited lectures, 18 short oral communications, and 34 poster communications. The keynote lectures were held by prominent personalities in the international panorama of polymer science, namely:

  • Professor Dimitris Bikiaris, Aristotle University of Tessaloniki, Greece “Microplastics in the environment: formation mechanism and their effect to living organisms”;
  • Doctor Colin Bonduelle, Université de Bordeaux/CNRS, France “Polypeptides from novel approaches to unconventional self-assembly”;
  • Professor Luigi Cavallo, King Abdullah University of Technology and University of Salerno “The mechanics behind polymerizations for a greener sustainable future”;
  • Professor Jacques Desbrieres, University of Pau, France “Amphiphilic polysaccharides and stabilization of concentrated oil-in-water emulsions”.

Ample space was dedicated to Young Scientists, to whom a competition was dedicated for the prize for the best poster communication. The award committee included seven distinguished polymer scientists, namely:

  • Professor Alessandra Bossi, University of Verona, Italy
  • Professor Francesco Cellesi, Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy
  • Professor Paweł Chmielarz, Rzeszow University of Technology, Poland
  • Professor Andrea Dorigato, University of Trento, Italy
  • Doctor Nébéwia Griffete, Sorbonne University, France
  • Professor Nicolò Mauro, University of Palermo, Italy
  • Professor Nicola Tirelli, Italian Institute of Technology, Genoa, Italy

The evaluation criteria included a combination of research and presentation quality. The competition attracted 28 participants. At the end of the congress, the winners of the competition for the five best communication posters were celebrated. Their names are:

  • Rony Aad, aspiring PhD candidate at the University of Milan (I), for a presentation with title “Use of calcium chloride to enhance the efficacy of polyamidoamines as flame-retardants for cotton”;
  • Giulia Coradello, PhD candidate at the Italian Institute of Technology, Genoa (I), for a presentation with title “Colloidal systems of sulfur(II)-based copolymers for anti-inflammatory therapies”;
  • Laura Simonini, PhD candidate at the University of Trento (I), for a presentation with title “Colloidal systems of sulfur(II)-based copolymers for anti-inflammatory therapies”;
  • Edoardo Testa, PhD candidate at the Polytechnic University of Milan (I), for a presentation with title “Polypeptides from Hermetia illucens: a bio-source for innovative materials in the framework of a circular economy model”;
  • Sofia Treccani, aspiring PhD candidate at the University of Milan (I), for a presentation with title “β-Cyclodextrin α,ω-end-functionalized oligomeric polyamidoamines as water soluble curcumin carriers”.

Significant efforts were devoted to the dissemination of the congress contents through the timely and systematic use of the Facebook platform.

At the end of the congress, the congress chair, Professor Elisabetta Ranucci, thanked all participants, all chairs, the members of organizing committee, and announced that next edition of the Milan Polymer Days congress, MIPOL2023, will be held from 7 to 9 June 2023 at the University of Milan.

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