Historic Cities against Plastic Waste - HISCAP Network

3 years ago

The HISCAP network assembles historical cities from Europe, whose aged infrastructure make them especially vulnerable to the problems caused by plastic pollution.

Historic Cities against Plastic Waste - HISCAP Network

The network “Historic Cities Against Plastic Waste” (HISCAP) aims to facilitate the uptake of results those public administrations have implemented together with industry, civil society, waste management bodies and other supporting organizations to exchange and spread the knowledge, expertise and experience, and best practices between city representatives and the project partners. Network members can exchange knowledge and learn how to implement solutions at the sub-national level, with the specific purpose of pursuing the use of bio-based plastic alternatives. The network spreads the lessons learned, new ideas and best practices from historic cities and it is open to all European cities free of charge.

The HISCAP network currently consists of 62 different member cities from Europe. The cities are benefitted by

  • Free participation in events and workshops,
  • Possibility to showcase own best practices on plastic waste reduction action,
  • Insights into the management of plastics, biodegradable and compostable plastics and bio waste,
  • Access to latest European bio-based plastics research,
  • Knowledge transfer and sharing of best practices.

The HISCAP Network has active collaboration with existing networks such as ACR+, Plastic Free July, and Association des villes pour la propreté urbaine (AVPU) to increase awareness about plastic pollution in historic cities and increase the visibility of HISCAP.

Join us as well: bioplasticseurope.eu or Linkedin

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