All oral presentations in MIPOL2023 will be lived streamed!

a year ago

Dear MIPOL friends, The deadline for subscribing to the 7th edition of the Milan Polymer Days international congress, which will be held on 7-9 June 2023, is approaching. Don’t miss the opportunity to register taking advantage of the early bird registration fees!

All oral presentations in MIPOL2023 will be lived streamed!

How to do it practice?

Go to the MIPOL2023 registration page, at registration's page

  • Download the registration form.
  • Fill it in by choosing the early bird fee option.
  • Submit by mailing it to the address indicated in the form.

We would obviously be much pleased to meet you all in person on June 7 at the congress premise, our beautiful renaissance building known as Ca’ Granda, the University of Milan headquarter. However, we are aware that some of you may not join us in person those days.

Are you living on the other side of the world? Do your previous commitments partially overlap to the congress schedule? Are you interested only in specific lectures? If your case falls into one of these categories, why not consider following the congress live streaming?

Maybe you don’t know that all MIPOL2023 oral presentations will be live streamed to connect the congress with a wider, worldwide audience. This will broaden the Milan Polymer Days community and make our future meetings and events richer in participation and scientific contributions.

If you feel like, do not hesitate to register choosing the “Streaming” option in the registration form. The congress fees pertaining the live streaming attendance are lower and will remain unchanged until the start day of the congress. Your late registration will not cause indeed any organization issue to the local organizing committee.

If you have chosen to attend the congress remotely, how to connect to the congress streaming?

  • I’s very easy, it just a matter of reaching the “Virtual login” webpage and use the below online form to enter the live session.
  • Haven't you set up your profile on the MIPOL website yet? Then it’s time to do it.
  • Can anyone enter the streamed sessions? Obviously not, only those who have registered will be authorized by the system.

Enjoy the congress!!

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